What does Vietnam need to prepare to “resolve” the CBAM?

In an interview with The World & Vietnam Report, Dr Devmali Perera, Lecturer in Finance, The Business School, RMIT University


Carbon tax poses new challenge for VN to boost exports to EU

Vietnam’s exports to the EU now have to satisfy high requirements stipulated in EVFTA, as well as the CBAM, which


Meeting green regulations for exports

Increasingly stringent requirements Currently, green transformation and sustainable development are an inevitable trend for Vietnamese businesses, as major export markets,


Carbon mechanism prompts exporters to green up: Experts

The European Union (EU)’ Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) is a challenge for many sectors of Vietnam but also a


Việt Nam prepares for carbon tariffs in pursuit of net-zero emission target

As carbon taxes and credits become more prevalent across markets around the world, Việt Nam is seeking ways to demonstrate

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Forging a clean future: a must for steel industry to expand exports to the UK

Việt Nam needs to develop a roadmap towards decarbonisation for the iron and steel industry to enhance competitiveness and capture


Decarbonisation is a trade imperative for Vietnam

The EU plans to implement the world’s first carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM) from October 2023. During the transition period,


Vietnam to benefit from EU’s new carbon border tax

The upcoming Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) proposed by the EU is set to accelerate Vietnam’s efforts for energy transition